Summary: The findings of an extensive meta-analysis study reveal vitamin D supplementation may help to alleviate symptoms of depression. Source: University of Eastern Finland An extensive meta-analysis suggests that vitamin D supplementation may alleviate depressive symptoms in adults with depression. Conducted by an international team of researchers, the meta-analysis includesContinue Reading

MARCUS FILLY DOESN’T want you pounding out rounds of EMOM thrusters until your shoulders can barely move, and he doesn’t want you going so hard during Murph that you’re a quivering mess when you finally finish. Yes, the former CrossFit Games contender knows pile-driving past fatigue is a CrossFit staple,Continue Reading

A relative of a man recently hospitalized in Winnipeg says patients are being served unappetizing meals, and he questions whether they meet the nutritional needs of people recovering from illness or injury. Thomas Rempel-Ong’s brother-in-law broke his femur during the August long weekend, and was sent to the Health SciencesContinue Reading

Walking—with no bells and whistles, just simply putting one foot in front of the other—has been repeatedly linked to improving overall health, including increasing lifespan. Even walking for just 15 minutes four times a week has been linked to living longer. If you’re an avid walker and want to stepContinue Reading

Tony Calhoun Provided by Showhouse Productions The national suicide prevention hotline has recently been changed to a three-digit suicide and crisis hotline. It is available 24/7 and can be reached by dialing 988. More information can be found at A Kentucky actor and screenwriter’s death following devastating flooding inContinue Reading